how are police dogs trained

How Are Police Dogs Trained ?

You have searched on How are Police dogs trained ? At K10 Workingdogs we train these dogs on a daily basis and supply the trained police dogs to customers all ove the world.

How are police dogs trained ?

If you are wondering how police dogs are trained, than K10 Working Dogs might provide you an idea on how we are doing this. 

Our trainers train police dogs on a daily basis, getting all kinds of police dogs ready for the job.

Police K9’s must be confident, social and willing to work for the K9 handler. Our selection methods before the dogs enter a program are strict, but fair. 

how are police dogs trained


It is important to know what police forces want. They will buy our dogs at our kennel in the Netherlands. The criteria for a good and stable police dog are basically the same all over the world. So, for us it is relatively easy to train police dogs accordingly the standards.

All police dogs or K9’s should be social dogs. This means that the dogs should be friendly towards public. But how can you train this ?

Socializing working dogs means that they should be around people as much as possible. When we select our dogs before they enter a training program, this is one of the first things we look at.


When we are selecting dogs for police forces we also look at the work drive of the dogs. Are they willing to work ? Our trainers look at the will to work by testing the future police canine with a ball or kong (toy). Dogs who are crazy on that, are usually also dogs that can be trained easily.


The last part before buying a dog from our suppliers is the medical part. All dogs that we buy are x-rayed on hips, back and elbows. This x-rays are qualified by international standards going from excellent to very poor. (A-B-C-D-E system). We will only select dogs that have A or B qualification.

What kind of police dog

We divide police dogs in two groups :

Single purpose police dogs only bite or only detect
Dual purpose dogs detect and bite

Also see our article on Single vs Purpose Dogs

Depending on the customer, we deliver three kinds of ‘levels’ – We sell :

  • Green working dogs
  • Pre-trained of semi trained dogs
  • Fully trained dogs

Green police dogs will be trained by the customer. The dogs we offer all have the basic skills to become a perfect single or dual purpose police dog.

Pretrained or semi trained police dogs have basic training. The have had bite and or detection training. These dogs have not been trained to detect any specific odour like narcotics or explosives.

Fully trained policed dogs are expensive. We have spend many hours on preparing these kinds of dogs. They can ‘work’ immediately for our customers.


Depending on the customer we train our dogs accordingly. This means we can take care of :

  • Bite work training
  • Detection training

Police dogs are trained to work under extreme circumstances and should become fearless while on duty.

How are police dogs trained summary

We take our work seriously. Daily training of these kinds of dogs is important and a experienced team of trainers is responsible to deliver quality police dogs.

Training police dogs is done for bit work training and detection training.

Of course not all of our dogs are trained. At K10 Workingdogs you have the option to buy green dogs, semi-trained or fully trained dogs.

Please feel free to contact us anytime on prices and availability.