K9 Handler Training

We offer K9 Handler Training Worldwide. Our K9 Handler courses are given in Holland (The Netherlands) or at any location in the world. 

Our K9 instructors will assist and train your staff in any discipline possible. Our canine handler training programs are intensive and valuable for any k9 dog unit.

For a custom-made price offer please contact us by using our contact form.

K9 Handler Courses

We offer a large variety of K9 handler courses. Your students will be trained to become experienced K9 handler by our experienced instructors. On request the students will be certified as official K9 Handler.

The K9 handler courses:

  • Patrol Dog Training
  • Detection Dog Training
  • Search and Rescue Dog Training

Patrol Dog Training Course

The patrol dog training for handlers – given by K10 Workingdogs instructors – are very popular. In the K9 patrol dog handler training the students will be taught to do :

  • Selection of dogs
  • Kennel Maintenance and Sanitation
  • Health and Feeding
  • Obedience
  • Building searches
  • Area searches
  • Article search
  • Criminal apprehensions
  • Handler protection
  • Tracking missing persons

what kind of explosives will dogs detect ?

Detection Dog Training

Detection dog training courses will focus on the dogs’ search behavior. Handlers will learn how to read and train their detection dog. Detection dogs training courses are given in:

  • Narcotics
  • Explosives
  • Searching bodies (corpses)
  • Search and Rescue

The narcotics detection dog training for handlers will focus on learning the dog to detect and locate a point of odor (like heroin, marijuana, XTC or methamphetamines). To become a detection dog trainer, students will be taught to execute searches in different environments.

The explosive detection dog handler training is similar as the narcotics training. Of course the odor is different. In the handler training we use various explosive material like :

  • Dynamite
  • TNT
  • Semtex
  • Black Powder

k9 handler training

K9 Handling and training

All our K9 handler courses are given by experienced trainers or instructors. We will make sure that your handlers will get the best K9 handler training possible. All courses will be custom-made – adjusted to your organization.

K10 Workingdogs B.V. is an experienced K9 handler training school with more than 30 years of experience. Please feel free and contact us about the possibilities for your organization now !

Allow your K9 unit the best dog handler training ! Our courses are given in the Netherlands or on request at your location, anywhere in the world !

Diploma and Certifications

After successfully finishing the k9 handler course K10 Workingdogs B.V. will award the student with a diploma or certification. 

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