Are k9 dogs male or female

Are k9 dogs male or female ?

K9 dogs are either male or female dogs. It depends mostly on the purpose of the future canine dog.

Most K9 dogs that are used are male dogs. However female dogs are more and more used as K9 dogs as well. Where male dogs are often more aggressive and stronger, female dogs can be used as service dogs as well. Female dogs are often used as single purpose dogs. They are trained to detect bombs, drugs or other contraband.

Are k9 dogs male or female

Male dogs are often picked as police dogs. They show more aggression and are stronger as female dogs.

You can not say a male dog is better than a female dog. It simply matters how the canine will be assigned to work for you.

Dual Purpose Dogs

Dual purpose dogs can be assigned as patrol or protection dogs and sniffer dogs. In practice we see lots of them used by police and law enforcement. Most of our dual dogs are sold as police k9’s. We sell these kinds of dogs worldwide !

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A single purpose dogs is assigned to perform as detection dog or protection dog.

Protection dogs

Protection dogs are selected and trained mostly to guard and protect. Trained properly they will make sure that the handler will be safe at all times. They can also be used as personal protection dog. However if you want a dog as family protection dog, some skills are needed by the owner. At K10 Workingdogs B.V. we also provide handler courses.

Detection dogs

Of course detection dogs should work to detect. This can be a variety of substances like :

  • Drugs
  • Explosives
  • Money
  • Other materials that provide a smell

Detection dogs will indicate the substance. Normally this will be trained by having to dog sit near the substance. The dogs will more or less ‘point out’ the substance, so it can be found easily by the handler afterwards.

What kind of K9’s do we have ?

At K10 Workingdogs B.V. we have several breeds of dogs that are trained on a daily basis :

  • German Shepherds
  • Belgian Shepherds (Malinois)
  • Dutch Shepherds
  • Labradors
  • German Pointers
  • Springer Spaniels

We offer these kinds of dogs as males and females, so our customers can decide which sex they prefer.

Curious ?

If you want to know more about our prices or availability, please feel free to contact us anytime. We answer you as soon as possible.

Feel free to ask us any question you might have. We will be more than willingly to help you !


The average age of our dogs is in between 8 and 24 months old. All our dogs have high drives to work for the trainer or handler.


All our dogs come with international passports. In the passports all medical information will be provided and will also show the latests vaccination records.

Selecting dogs at K10

We prefer it, that our customers will come over to our facility and hand select their dogs. We will make sure that we have a fine group of dogs, both male and female, available !

It is also possible to make videos of the dogs we have available. Please give us the specs and we will start shooting for you immediately. We will send the selection by WhatsApp or mail.

If you choose to come over, we will assist you regarding transportation from your hotel to our facility of course.

Transport of dogs

K10 Working dogs has a large network of international shipping agencies in Holland, Belgium and Germany. They will assist you and arrange transport dogs any where in the world.

On request we can make an offer regarding the transportation of dogs for you.