Police K9 Dogs For Sale !

Police K9 Dogs 4 Sale !

K10 Workingdogs offers you the best police k9 dogs for sale. Police K9 dogs are dogs that normally are used as service dogs by K9 Police Units all over the world. 

At our location in The Netherlands we train our dogs on a daily basis. We always have a large number of police k9 dogs available for our customers.

Police K9 Dog Breeds

We have a large variety of police k9 dog breeds. At K10 Workingdogs B.V. we offer :

  • Belgian Malinois Shepherds
  • German Shepherds
  • Dutch Shepherds
  • Labradors
  • German Pointers


Training police k9 dogs is done by a experienced staff our trainers. Our dogs can be trained as :

Police K9 training is done in different levels. We offer green dogs, semi-trained police dogs and fully trained dogs.


All our dogs are able to enter K9 units all over the world.

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Depending on the level of training they had at K10 Workingdogs BV, customers often train their dogs to higher levels.

All our dogs have a great workdrive and are young and energetic. They have excellent characteristics to become the best police k9 dogs.

How to select police k9 dogs?

Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic, customers visited our kennels for a couple of days and hand selected their dogs. This personal contact with our customers is something we of course prefer.

However, we understand the travel restrictions and possible risks for our customers also. Therefor we started offering other ways to select dogs. Nowadays we shoot videos on request and email them to our customers. Customers inform us about what they would like to see from the handler or the dogs.

Livestreaming is also possible: just feel free to ask us and we will do anything possible to make the selection process as safe and solid possible!


Holland or The Netherlands has a history and good reputation regarding training police k9 dogs. Dutch dogs are sold worldwide! The Dutch Police Force started an organization in the 50’s solely to select and train police dogs.

This resulted in an organization called K.N.P.V. (Royal Police Dog Association). It drew up standards how police dogs should be trained. This standard is still used in many of our training methods.

Medical facts

All our dogs are in between 12 and 24 months old and have international passports.

The passports hold vaccination records given to the dogs. Of course we can provide x-rays of hips and elbows on request. After arrival in our kennel, all police k9 dogs are medically checked by our own veterinarian and x-rays are taken and judged.

Some countries required additional medical information. We can offer these additional medical test as well.


Once the dogs are selected and medically checked we can and will assist our customer with shipping their dogs to their destination anywhere in the world.


K10 Workingdogs has excellent partners regarding animal transport. The dogs will be transported in special transportboxes (crates) that are excepted by all major airline companies.

Depending on the destination dogs will fly out of Amsterdam or Brussels Airport.


If you need additional information about our police k9 dogs please do not hesitate to contact us. Use our contact form on our website for questions, prices and availability !

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