how to train k9 dogs

How to train k9 dogs

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At K10 Workingdogs we train our K9 dogs on a daily basis. This means that our police dogs are trained daily to bite, to detect, to track in different environments. 

Training K9 dogs means that the dogs should be learned – consistently – how to attack and or to smell odors. 

We have all possible ways at our disposal to train our K9 dogs.

At K10 our approach on how to train our K9 dogs is as follows:

  • We ‘study’ our K9 dogs carefully
  • We find out what motivates the K9
  • We make training a fun thing to do for the K9
  • Work hard, Play hard
  • Always work on a positive attitude

how to train k9 dogs

Observe while training K9 dogs

The most important thing is to carefully study or observe the K9 while we train it. This ways we – but also our customers – know what expect when presenting the dogs. Knowing what the K9 likes or how to motivate the dog is important for a successful training.

Motivating while training K9 dogs

The K9 should be encouraged to train. This means after a while K9 dogs knows what will happen after they leave their kennel. 

Motivate a K9 dog is done in different ways. 

The reward the dog receive after a training session will be their biggest motivation. We have trained thousands of dogs this way over the years. 

Fun while training K9

It should be a fun thing to do. For both the trainer of the K9 as for the K9. Also this is of course observed carefully by our staff. Dogs that have fun while training will work better ! That is a golden rule in our business !

Work hard, Play hard

Our dogs are trained daily. This means the K9’s have a hard job and for that they have to be in excellent shape. After the training session our staff rewards the K9 with a ‘free’ command. This way we make sure that all our K9’s will have their natural skills to play.


Positive rewarding is important. We try to build up a connection between K9 and trainers. Our K9 dogs should like their training and will be rewarded positively after they try to follow the training commands.  

How long does it take to train a K9 dog?

If you wondering how to train a k9 dog you might also want to know how long it might take. 

Depending on what our customers ask us, training a K9 dog can take 4 to 12 weeks. At K10 Workingdogs we have different training programs available for our dogs. 

If customers ask for so called green dogs, it means that they are looking for untrained dogs, but the dogs should have the drive to be trained. 

But also, green dogs do get K9 training. This way we learn more about a dogs’ capability and we can inform our customers about different aspects and characteristics of the dog.

Semi-trained K9 dogs are normally trained for 4-6 weeks, before they are shipped to our customers. 

Fully trained K9 dogs are normally trained for 8-12 weeks before shipped to our customers. 

Is it hard to train a K-9 dog?

If a K9 dog has the drive to be trained is not hard to train the dog. Dogs that do not show any drive are rejected in our selection process. While selecting new K9 dogs our staff closely looks at basic skills. 

Different K9 usage

Training a k9 dog can be done for multiple functions. This also determines the period of time you need to spend on how to train a k9 dog. 

K9 dogs can be divided into two main group:

  • Single purpose dogs
  • Dual purpose dogs

Single purpose K9 dogs have one specific characteristic: they either show good bite work or show good detection work. 

Dual purpose K9 dogs show the two characteristics: good bite work and good search behavior. 

Knowing what the K9 is good at, makes it where we put in our training hours. 

It makes it very important to know our dogs, so they can be trained appropriately, and we can pass on this information to our customers.

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