hotel security dogs

Hotel Security Dogs

Hotel Security Dogs for Sale

At K10 working dogs we train and offer hotel security dogs for sale. These sniffer dogs can help you to create a safe environment for your guests and personnel.

Hotel security with dogs can create a higher level of security and can help detecting drugs, firearms or explosives.

hotel security dogs

We already deliver our services and dogs in :

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Casino
  • Events
  • Stadiums

K10 working dogs offers you the best dogs. With our well trained and certified staff we will make sure that your hotel is as save as possible.

Hotel Security Dogs usage

Our dogs can be employed to :

  • Help you with security checks (for example luggage) at the door or gate of your hotel
  • Conduct room searches when needed
  • The hotel security dogs can be employed for special events.

What kind of dogs are often used ?

It depends on what you seek. Most of our dogs for sale are :

  • Belgian Malinois Shepherd
  • German Shepherd
  • Dutch Shepherd
  • Labradors (detection only)

Extra Services of K10 working dogs

Besides excellent high drive dogs, we can also make sure that your handlers will get the most out of their dogs. We can instruct them properly. These courses and education are given in The Netherlands or on request at your location, anywhere in the world !

What kind of dogs can we deliver ?

K10 working dogs offer their customers three different ‘levels’ of dogs :

  • Green dogs
  • Semi trained dogs
  • Fully trained dogs

Green dogs are all selected by our qualified staff and have a high drive to work for the handler. You can train these kind of dogs yourself if you prefer.

Pre trained of semi trained dogs will be able to detect objects. So called dual purpose dogs will also protect the handler (by byting the attacker). These dogs need extra training before they can be put to work for you. For example : extra training is necessary to detect explosives

Fully trained dogs are ready for the job ! Of course these kind of dogs are trained by our staff in the Netherlands. After delivering these dogs, bondage with their handler or trainer is essential.

Contact us for a quotation on our contact page !

Age and medical

Normally are dogs are in between 8 and 24 months old. They are sold with X-rays of hips and elbows and all have international passports that hold vaccination records of the particular dog.

How do you select hotel security dogs ?

We prefer that you hand select your hotel security dogs at our facility in Holland. We will invite you and your delegation to visit us. We can assist you with hotel accommodation in the neighbourhood of our kennel.

Transportation while visiting K10 Working Dogs

While visiting our country, K10 Working Dogs will provide transportation from the hotel to our facilities.

Transportation of dogs

We can assist you shipping your dogs to any country in the world. We have the connections with several agencies at airports in Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, France or Germany.