labrador working dogs

Labrador Working Dogs For Sale

The Best Labrador Working Dogs

At K10 Working Dogs Holland we train and sell labrador working dogs. All our dogs have an excellent drive to work for the trainer or handler.

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labrador working dogs

Labradors are very popular nowadays as working dogs. They can be used for different purposes, in different environments. 

Labradors as working dogs

Our labradors can be used as sniffer or detection dogs. At K10 working dogs all our dogs are in between 12 and 18 months old and have all necessary vaccinations. We sell our labradors as :

  • Green dogs (not trained but with excellent ball drives)
  • Semi or pretrained dogs
  • Fully trained dogs

Labradors are used as single purpose dogs. Often they are sold to police forces, military forces or customs forces. 

These dogs can be used to detect narcotics, explosives or other contraband.

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Labradors for sale

We always have a large selection of labradors for sale and in stock. 

Normally, our customers hand select the labrador working dogs at our facility in the Netherlands. 

All our dogs are medically checked. X-rays are available of hips and elbows and all dogs come with International passports which hold registrations of vaccination records.

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What can we do for you ?

We invite you to visit us ! K10 Working Dogs can assist you with visa requests (if necessary). We can arrange hotel accommodations while your delegation visits Holland.

We will make sure that your trip to our kennel will be worthwhile and that we present you the best working dogs in the world.

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