Explosive detection dogs for sale

The Best Explosive Detection Dogs

Explosive Detection Dogs

Explosive detection dogs are trained to find explosive material. After dogs are trained in our explosive detection canine program, bomb sniffer dogs or EDD’s are used by Law Enforcement and Military Services all over the world.

At K10 Workingdogs we train and sell explosive sniffer dogs to customers all over the world.

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Explosive detection dogs for sale

Explosive detection dogs for sale

K10 Workingdogs offers explosive detection dogs for sale. The dogs that we offer can be delivered in three standards :

  • Green dogs
  • Semi-trained dogs
  • Fully trained dogs

Our EDD’s can be used to scan air cargo, luggage, cars or buildings.

Green dogs

Green dogs are carefully selected and can become excellent explosive detector dogs. These dogs have basic training and can be trained easily. Our green dogs have excellent drives and are all in between 12-18 months old.


Semi-trained dogs are trained to detect explosive material. They are trained on a daily basis and will either take a sit position or will stand still and focus on a subject or part of a subject. Semi-trained dogs can be easily trained to become fully trained dogs.

Fully trained

Fully trained EDD’s have had intensive training and are ready to work immediately with a handler. These dogs have been with us for a longer period. They are trained to detect explosive material in different area’s, in luggage or vehicles.

Which dogs do we use for explosive detection ?

K10 Workingdogs trains different breeds of dogs. We offer the following breeds as K9 explosive detection dogs :

  • Malinois Shepherds
  • German Shepherds
  • Labradors
  • Pointers

Training Explosive Detection Dogs

You may ask yourself : How are explosive detection dogs trained ? Skilled and experienced trainers give intensive training to our K9 explosive detector dogs or EDD’s. We do this 5 days a week.

Training means that the dogs will focus on explosive material in different environments. We train in buildings, warehouses,

What kind of explosives can be detected by EDD’s ?

At K10 Workingdogs our dogs are trained to detect different explosives. Standard we train our dogs to detect :

  • TNT Semtex
  • C4
  • Data Sheed
  • Detenation Cord
  • Gun Powder
  • Blackpowder
  • Dynamite
  • RDC


All our dogs are in between 12 and 24 months old and are medically checked after they arrive in our kennel. We have our own veterinarian 24/7 available.

All dogs have International passports that hold medical and vaccination records. X-rays of hips and elbows are taken every 3 months and being judged by our vet.


Please us our contact form for prices of our explosive detection dogs and inform us the level of training you require. (Green dogs, semi-trained or fully trained).


We can assist you with shipping the dogs anywhere in the world.

We have good relationships with major animal carriers in Holland, Belgium and Germany that assist us on shipping the dogs. Dogs are transported in heavy duty transport boxes.

More information ?

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