military working dogs for sale

Military Working Dogs for Sale

Military Working Dogs for Sale

At K10 working dogs we have the best military working dogs for sale.

All our types of dogs have excellent drives and working drift that can easily be explored in any possible military program. We have different breeds in stock all the time !

military working dogs for sale

Working Dogs in the military can be assigned by their handler on different duties in different fields.

Our dogs can be used as patrol dogs or sniffer dogs. Bomb detection dogs are sometimes trained as mine detection dogs.

Our military dogs can be obtained in three ‘levels’ or categories :

  • Green military dogs
  • Semi or pretrained dogs
  • Fully trained working dogs

Most of our customers come over to Holland to hand select their dogs on buying trips.

We can assist you accordingly on planning the trip to the Netherlands and will assist you with Visa request, hotel arrangements and transportation issues.

Interested in availability and prices ? Please free to contact us right away !

K10 Working Dogs will make sure that your buying trip will be a success !


At K10 Working Dogs we have our own veterinarian department. Our vet checks all our dogs on arrival and departure to the customer. All dogs come with International Passports and X-rays of hips and elbows. Vaccination records of the dogs are registered in the passports.


We ship our dogs worldwide to any military service anywhere !

Because of our intensive contacts with animal transportation agencies, we are able to offer very competitive prices for transportation of the dogs. The dogs are shipped out of different airports in Europe.