Luggage Detection by Detection Dogs

Luggage detection by detection dogs

Our detection dogs are trained to detect substances in luggage. Luggage detection is used more and more by government agencies on airports, train stations or other public area’s. But also hotels use detector dogs more and more to make sure that their property stays safe.

Our detection dogs are trained to detect narcotics, explosives or for example money or tobacco in luggage bags of passengers. The detector dog indicates to the handler when contraband is detected in suitcases or other kinds of luggage.


How can we help you ?

At K10 Working Dogs we select and train detection dogs which can be used to search luggage. We provide our customers with dogs and if necessary courses of training for handlers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might possibly have on luggage detection.

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K10 Working dogs and detection dogs

We offer three different kinds of detection or sniffer dogs:

Our green dogs are all selected by our staff and have an excellent drive. This way these green detection dogs can all enter training programs regarding detection work.

Pertained dogs are used to detect. They indicate after detecting small pieces of kong (toy) or a tennis ball. The passive indication is done by sitting down or laying down. It is a small step to train the dog to become an explosive detection dog or drug detection dog. Also other substances are possible, depending on the need of the customer. For example : money of pill detection is also possible.

Fully trained detection dogs are used to detect substances. We train the dogs on real odors like marihuana, cocaine or other kinds of drugs. Besides drugs, detection dogs can be trained as an explosives sniffer dogs. These kind of dogs are able to detect bomb material like dynamite of C4 or other substances related to explosives.

Other ways to use detection dogs

Of course the detection dogs which are used to search luggage can be used in different area’s like :

  • Vehicle search
  • Buildings
  • Open area’s like airports, stations or hotels
  • Dogs used for luggage detection

At K10 Working Dogs we offer the most common different breeds of sniffer dogs for luggage:

  • Belgian Malinois
  • German Shepherd
  • Dutch Shepherd
  • Labradors
  • Springer Spaniels
  • Pointers

Detector Dogs For Sale

Curious ? We have a large number of detection dogs available the whole year through !We offer these dogs for sale. Ask for a quotation and additional information by contacting us. Use the contact form and we will get back with as quick as possible !

What kind of detector dogs we provide ?

We provide detection dogs that can detect any substance the customer requires. Most of our dogs are used for detecting:

  • Drugs (all kinds of narcotics)
  • Explosives (all kinds of explosives)
  • Money
  • Any other substance (for example: pills or money)
    Selection procedure

Normally customers come to hand select their detection dogs at our kennel in Holland. We prepare the dogs required and invite the customers. If necessary we assist our customers with facilities and transportation while visiting the Netherlands.

Our dogs are all supplied with:

  • international passport – incl. vaccination records
  • X-rays of hips and elbows

Once the dogs are selected by our customers, we can provide assistance with the transportation of the detection dogs to the customers’ country.

We deliver our detection dogs all over the world !