patrol dogs

Patrol Dogs For Sale

Patrol dogs for sale !

K10 Working Dogs in Holland offers a large selection of patrol dogs. These working dogs are used to protect and or detect and most of the time work with police officers or other members of law enforcement. Trained on a daily basis by experienced trainers.

Please contact us for prices and availability !

patrol dogs

To Serve and Protect

Our excellent dogs are trained to serve and protect. Carefully selected and medically checked after arrival in our kennels. All our dogs come with international passports which hold vaccination records.

All dogs have a high drive and can be trained as perfect patrol dogs. Select the best !

We offer the best patrol dogs available for police or military purposes. All dogs are 12 to 18 months old.

At K10 Working Dogs we offer single purpose dogs and dual purpose dogs

We prefer that our customer hand select their patrol dogs at our kennel in Holland. 

We can assist you providing invitations for a visa to visit us. 

K10 : for the Best Patrol Dogs

You and your delegation are invited to visit our kennel in the Netherlands and select the patrol dogs available !

We will be able to assist you with hotel accomodation and transportation to our kennel while selecting the dogs. 

We also have good connections with transport companies to provide assistance in shipping patrol dogs anywhere in the world.