We have supplied canines with various specifications and levels of training to:


Netherlands, Belgium, Kuwait, Egypt, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom, Curacao, Saint Martin and Morocco

Border Patrol and TSA:

Austria, U.S.A. and Canada


Netherlands, Greece, Kuwait, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Scotland, France, Colombia, Germany, Morocco, Canadian Royal Mounted Police, Northern Ireland and United Kingdom

Department of Defense:

Germany, Kuwait, Morocco, Egypt, Belgium, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, Sri Lanka and Spain

Prison Services:

Kuwait, United Kingdom, Egypt, Saint Maarten and Morocco

Breeding programs:

The Chinese breeding program, U.S.A Military working dog breeding program, the Nottinghamshire and Thames Valley Police breeding programs in the United Kingdom and the breeding program for the Police Department of Sri Lanka.

Long term agreements:

We have a Blank Purchase Agreement (B.P.A.) with the U.S. Department of Defense since 2009 and were awarded with the 5 year I.Q.I.P. Department of Homeland Security- wide canine contract in 2011 supplying TSA, Border patrol, Customs, US Coast Guard and US Protective Service.