Police K9s For Sale


At K10 Working Dogs (based in Holland) we have the best police K9’s for sale. Our canines are all between 12 and 18 months old and have a excellent work drive. 

Contact us for actual availability and prices. We guarantee the best police canines in the world !

All our canines are trained on a daily basis by experienced trainers and instructors. 

police k9's canines for sale

Police Canines can be assigned as :

  • Patrol Dogs (dual purpose)
  • Detection Dogs (single purpose)

All our dogs come with international passports and are vaccinated according standard regulations. X-rays of hips and elbows can be supplied on request.

Police Dog Breeds

We offer a number of police dog breeds :

  • German Shepherd
  • Belgian Shepherd (Malinois)
  • Dutch Shepherd
  • Labrador (single purpose)
  • Pointer (single purpose)
  • Spaniels (single purpose)
Our Shepherds can be assigned as dual purpose dogs : they are carefully selected by our staff and trained accordingly.
Hunting dogs, like labradors, pointers and spaniels can be trained to detect substances like tobacco, explosives, narcotics or other material.  

Buying the Best Police Dogs

We prefer our customers to hand select at our kennel in the Netherlands. We can assist you on planning a buying trip to Holland, regarding Visa Request etc. and of course can assist you with hotel accommodations near our facility. 

Transportation from your hotel to our kennel can be arranged as well. We will do anything to make your trip worthwhile !