Pointer Working Dogs for Sale

Pointer working dogs for sale

At K10 Working Dogs in Holland we train and sell pointer working dogs. A pointer working dog is a single purpose dog, like labradors, which can be trained and used as sniffer or detection dog.

Our pointers have an excellent ball/kong drive and are willing to work for the handler or trainer.

pointer working dogs

Our pointer working dogs

Normally we have a large number of pointers in stock. We sell our pointers in three different levels :

What does a pointer dog do best ?

If you are asking what a pointer dog does : They have an excellent sense of smell.

Pointer working dogs can therefore be trained in different programs.

For example : they can be trained to detect narcotics or explosives.

These dogs can be used as k9 detection dogs, used for  detecting contraband, narcotics or explosives.

Medical aspects

All our dogs come with international passports that will contain vaccination records and other medical issues. Every dog is x-rayed on hips and elbows so we can inform our customers accordingly.

K10 Working Dogs has a fully equipped veterinarian department which can be used by our customers while selecting a group of dogs.


Shipping costs are not included in our offered prices. However we can offer you the best shipping rates for dogs that will travel all over the world. We have a large network of shipping agencies available and can offer you the best and cheapest shipping rates.

Curious about our pointers ?

Use our contact page on our website for prices and availability on these kind of dogs. We will be able to give you fair prices on our dogs.

We prefer that our customers hand select their dogs at our kennel in the Netherlands. We can assist you with visa requests and hotel accommodations.

Most of customers for pointers are government agencies, like police or customs forces. Normally these kind of dogs are very friendly dogs so not aggressive at all.