High Quality Services

High Quality Services

We excel at putting our customer needs first. Due to our consultancy, advice and experience the customer will get the most suitable dogs for their individual purposes. We will be available for more advice after the delivery of the K9’s and we will keep paying attention to the customer needs.

Our highly trained and professional employees have working dogs available in several disciplines: trained and untrained (green) detection, apprehension and cross/dual purpose canines. We also offer customized trainings to meet the specific needs of the customer like tracking, CITES trained and SWATT team dogs.

The dogs will be exposed to various situations both inside and outside, on and off premises. Building stamina is essential to workings dogs and we encourage the dogs to build stamina by walking in the woods, running in the meadows, swimming and if needed, on our treadmill inside the building.

For our clients who need to travel from abroad we advise on arrangements of a rental car and a hotel.

You’re always more than welcome to contact us if you have any further questions.