What are airport detection dogs trained to smell

An airport detection dog is a working dog used in airports by police or customs is usually trained to smell contraband like drugs or tobacco. Nowadays dogs are also trained to find explosives or in some cases money ! Sniffer dogs are used more and more to secure airports worldwide to search and inspect luggage of passengers.

airport detection dogs are trained to smell contraband

So be aware if you travel and that you do not run into a sniffer dog at the airport.

Different kinds of airport detection dogs

All kinds of dogs can be used as sniffer or detection dogs in airports. Most of the time you will see :

  • Shepards
  • Labradors
  • Springer Spaniels
  • Beagles

But also other kids can be used by government forces of security agencies.

At K10 Working Dogs we train and sell all different kinds. Our customers are police forces, military forces but also security agencies that are hired to secure the airports with dogs.

What kind of detection dog you want ?

A detection dog can only be trained to indicate either drugs, explosives or other contraband. This means our customers should be specific about the kind of detector dogs they look for. Our most common dogs you will find above. Any dog with an high excellent work drive can be trained to become a dog assigned in airports to detect a certain substance.

The most common requests :

  • Explosive detection dog
  • Narcotic detection dog
  • Money detection dog
  • Tobacco detection dog

Training level

We offer three different variations of dogs :

Green dogs have the capabilities to become excellent detector dogs. They all have a high drive and are willing to work for the handler. They can be trained by our customers. All the green dogs we offer for sale are about 13 and 18 months old. Extensive evaluation to aport toys – inside and outside – is done by our trainers and there for we can keep records of our dogs

Pre trained dogs or semi trained detection dogs are used to search objects. They do not have been used to a certain smell – like drugs or explosives or other substances. These dogs have of course also a very high ball or kong drive and easily trainable on odours.

Fully trained detection dogs have been staying longer with us. The have followed an intensive training program and can be put working immediately after arrival at our customers. Training and progress records are kept carefully.


All our dogs are medically checked by our veterinarian. X-rays of hips and elbows are taken and carefully observed. The dogs are all delivered with international passports. Vaccination records are registered in the passports.

How do you select airport detection dogs ?

The best way to select your dogs is to visit our kennel in Holland. When you visit us, we will make sure we have a fine selection of dogs available !

We will assist you during your stay. We can arrange transportation and hotel facilities for you and your delegation.

Handler training

K10 Working dogs can also provide handler training regarding detection dogs. We offer courses at our facilities in Holland and make sure that your trainers or handlers are trained the right way ! Please feel free to ask us !

Ask for the possibilities !

Please feel free to ask a quotation on airport surveillance dogs we have available. You will receive a quotation as soon as possible. Please use our contact form !